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Dear Brother,

Malik Deenar Islamic Development Charitable Trust was started in the year 1999 at Adivad,Pallarimangalam,Kothamangalam, Ernakulam district Kerala, India and Malik Deenar Daawa Centre is working under this Trust from 2005

Daawa Centre Projects

Oprhanage & Destitute Home
We adopt and protect the orphans & destitutes aged 7 years and the helpless of the community. They all are provided education, both religious and worldly. We earnestly wish to provide them proper atmosphere so that they also can dream of a decent future. We try our best to avail them enough facilities. We would like to invite you to the institution.

Daawa Course.
Well maintain Daawa college as the result of the great scholars and hardship of gentle and kind people

Hiflul Quran
Hiflul quran course admission for the students who passed Madrassa 5 th class. Also provide schooling with Hiflul quran course.

W seek the help of benevolent Muslim brothers. So while extending our heartfelt thanks for all the help you rendered in the past, we once again come before you with an earnest appeal to contribute generously for the lofty ideals for which Allah may amply reward you.

There will be special prayers for your family after Magrib Namas daily. In addition there will be Duaa after Magrib on first Sunday of every month Dikr Dua Majlis is conducted.

Features of The Institution

1)Working under the Trust Malikdeenar Islamic Development Trust
2)Lead by wide experinced Scholars
3)Perfect Islamic "Tharbiyath"
4)Homely atmosphere for the students

We would like to invite you & family to the institution & Dikr Dua Majlis. Please ensure this co-operation in helping orphan and remember that Allah's message that the wealth you receive by Allah there is a claim to orphan also.

K.V Muhammed Haji
P.KYousaf Haji
K.M. Muhammed Haji